How did I become an at-home fitness fanatic.   6 almost 7 years ago I was a skeptic.  I was a person that used phrases like “I can’t workout at home” or “I don’t drink a meal replacement shake.”   What changed and led me on this journey of falling in love with trainers through my TV, now IPad.  I had no choice but to TRY!  I was a new mom and spending money on expensive personal trainers was not an option for us.  After doing research I decided what did I have to lose ( except baby weight ).    I was able to meet with my personal trainer daily and have them tell me what to do.   The only difference was I was seeing them on my TV Screen and following a pre-designed calendar on what workout to do each day that also included so much variety.   I also found a community online with thousands of others like me to connect with for support.  I was falling in love.   At this time I was also hearing and watching others drink this “shake” everyday.  Oh I didn’t drink shakes, I ate food.   But why were all of these sound minded people praising this meal replacement.  Over 70 ingredients, superfoods etc.  BUT it’s so expensive.  Trust me I have said it all.   Till I learned the value and how it made me FEEL.   5 years later and all of my digestive issues gone I cannot imagine starting my day without it!  By opening my mind and trying something new I feel in love with a new way of staying fit, getting fitter and feeling the best I have in 41 years.    And that my friends is how I became an at-home fitness FREAK.     So I encourage you to follow me on Facebook and Instagram and open your mind to a new way that might change your life!