I am…a 41 years old, working mom, and wife – lover of life, family, friends, reading, traveling, the beach, and all things food and fitness.

I am also… a retired gym enthusiast, turned at-home-fitness-fanatic. But it hasn’t always been that way.

My Success Story

My passion for health and fitness did not emerge until my mid-20s; it came about only after many years of struggling with weight and healthy-eating habits, when I found a passion and accepted that it was OK to be a work in progress.

The reality is this. I grew up as an overweight, inactive child and teenager – often feeling left out and insecure. In my late teens and early twenties I decided to make some changes and started learning about eating healthy foods and moving my body. For years, I watched the scale go up and down; it was frustrating and for many years I dealt with body image issues and distorted eating habits.

In my 30s, things changed. I got married and we decided to start a family. But, life had its own plans – and we struggled for many years to have a baby. After two and half years, and IVF, we had our first baby girl and afterward I struggled to get to the gym (and having a personal trainer was not an option). But one day, while watching TV, I discovered p90X and decided to give it a try; from that moment on, I was hooked. Well, p90X led to Chalene Extreme and then onto Insanity, Piyo, Les Mills Combat and Pump, Core De Force, 21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme, and Body Beast. These programs changed my life, giving me great results and the ability to stay fit.

 However, once again, the balance of fitness, health, and family life is a work in progress – and I still was working on the nutrition.

Soon, I made two more big changes. I realized that coffee was causing my digestive issues and decided to cut it out of my daily routine. Next, after listening to my Beachbody coach talk about Shakeology – although at first a skeptic – I decided to give it a try. That was May 2012 and I have been drinking it ever since; it sets the course for my day and was a positive, nutritious way to fill the gap of my coffee-less morning routine.  

Since then – and a second baby later – I have focused on being consistent. I used Beachbody programs to stay fit and active during my pregnancy, and in a moment of weakness (and peer pressure) I signed up for a duatholon. Problem was: I was not a runner, but I had made the commitment. So four months postpartum, I ran two miles, biked 11 miles, and then ran another two miles. This was the beginning of the next chapter and a new hobby…running!  (I’ll elaborate on that in another post).  

 At the age of 41, I am a still a work in progress. Everyday I wake up and make another commitment to stay the course. It’s like a marriage – a union of healthy mind, spirit, nutrition, and strength. It has taken many years, many approaches, but I have stayed the course with the help and the consistency that the Beachbody programs and nutrition, including the Fix Portion Container system (huge game changer!), have provided.

 Today, I embrace progress not perfection – and I want to help others learn from my trials and errors. My goal is to help others push their excuses aside and make themselves a priority, feel their best, and reach new goals.  Are you ready for progress? 


Are you overwhelmed with fad diets, are you tired of being tired, are you looking for a better life and more energy?  Do you need motivation and accountability ?  Are you looking for convenient workouts and an easy to follow meal plan?  Contact me and I can help!